Acquistions Lead

We are looking for a full-time Acquisitions Lead to bring our flipping business to the next level. Foundational homes has 4 years of house flipping experience including 10 different properties. We want to double our business this year and are following a smart growth plan for our Operations and Sales staff.

Foundational Homes is not your average house flipping company. We are out to make a difference in our community. If you don’t care about helping others, creating financial stability in your community, and developing a reputation of integrity, please DO NOT apply.

Job Role:  Develop and Manage Acquisitions Pipeline

  • Getting Contracts

    • Go on Appointments with Project Manager and Structural Engineer

    • Follow up with motivated leads

    • Coordinate with Cold Calling and Social Media Teams

    • Deal evaluation

  • MLS Sniping

    • Network with Realtors

    • Write offers on MLS Deals

  • Network

    • Recruit/Train Birddogs on our Buying Criteria

    • Network at REIAs to find deals and partners

    • Find competent local wholesalers who have deals

    • Build Referral Partner Network

  • Requirements

    • 2+ Years of Real Estate Experience and/or education

    • Desire to work with a team that is making a difference

    • The capacity to DO THE RIGHT THING every time

    • Sales Experience preferred

    • Must have good computer literacy

    • CRM experience preferred

    • Must have flexible hours

For Inquiries please contact us at